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Most recent Gallup Poll shows 74% still favor 21 years of age minimum drinking age

The majority of Americans think the drinking age should remain at 21, a new Gallup poll said.  74% of Americans polled would oppose legislation seeking to move the drinking age to 18.  These numbers are comparable to past Gallup measurements … Continue reading

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Fake IDs are popular, but can be risky … Is it really smart giving an online overseas company all your personal info?

The market for fake IDs among high school and college students has never been stronger, say teenagers and legal experts.  Many are purchased online from oversea companies.  The danger, security experts say, is that nothing is stopping such sites from … Continue reading

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Taking issue with the drinking age; say some MDs, the law may target the wrong teen behavior

A professor of psychology at Vassar College, has spent her career trying to understand what happens with the typical adolescent brain. Baird argues that if anything, in terms of biology, the age limits on driving and drinking should be flipped.
She says, “I would move the drinking age to 18 and maybe not let them drive until they were 21.” Continue reading

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GAUDPC: Help prevent underage drinking

The three primary causes of death for youth each year, homicide, suicide and accident fatalities, but alcohol remains the primary causative factor of each category of death. The Greater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention Council (GAUDPC) wants families to have fun this summer with holiday events, picnics and time off from school. Having a healthy and safe family-oriented summer should be priority one. Continue reading

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Binge Drinking Teens: What and Where They Drink — John Hopkin’s study reports

Adults drink alcoholic beverages more frequently than young people, but when kids do drink they tend to drink a lot. Binge drinking in teens is becoming epidemic, as more young people use alcohol than illegal drugs or tobacco. Teens most frequently drink at the home of a friend, and average 4 to 4.9 drinks on that occasion. Continue reading

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Austin police frustrated with DWI conviction rates

DWI arrests in Travis County are up nearly 24 percent over the past three years, yet KVUE News discovered more than a third of cases did not receive DWI convictions. According to records provided by the Travis County Attorney’s office, 37 percent of all first time DWI cases are re-filed as other charges, like obstruction, received deferred prosecution or a dismissal. Continue reading

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