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Divers find missing 20-year-old’s body in San Marcos River; locals ponder role of alcohol in tragedy

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08/10/14 – SAN MARCOS — Game wardens said witnesses told them alcohol might have played a part in the 20-year-old man’s suspected drowning. Alcohol plays a big role in tubing, no matter the river. Some nearby residents and business owners said they believe the culture of drinking surrounding the river has gotten out of control. “Anything that happens on this river during those times, there’s some alcohol involved,” said San Marcos resident David Smith. Continue reading

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Society’s drinking problem goes unchecked, over-serving alcohol at venues becomes normal for youths and adults both

A parent gets a call saying their kid is in a hospital or in jail, is raped, or is killed driving home, there is always a cacophony of “How did this happen?” It happens because venues often look the other way while people get drunk or stoned — they do not do enough to stop it from happening.

It’s not just an underage drinking problem. It’s a societal drinking problem. Adults drink all day and night. Young people do the same. Adults play tailgating drinking games. Young people play their own games with maybe a little more alcohol and some pills to help the buzz along. Continue reading

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UT gets it right on recent sexual assault by football players

August 5, 2014 – “At the University of Texas at Austin, we’re seeing a model for how college administrations should handle sexual assault cases: by supporting survivors from the very beginning,” says Julia Spann writing for The Texas Tribune.  “Head … Continue reading

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