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Stop “Palcohol” before it arrives in Texas

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Texas Rep. Charlie Geren wants to stop “Palcohol” or powered alcohol before it starts in Texas. Geren, R-Fort Worth, has filed a bill to make Palcohol, or powdered alcohol, illegal in Texas. “I think it can be a very big problem. “We are hearing about people taking powdered alcohol and putting it in Red Bull and putting in more alcohol,” he said. “Or putting it in straight alcohol or snorting it.” Geren said he wants to get out in front of the issue before it becomes a problem in Texas. “It seems pretty silly to me,” Geren said. “I don’t know why we need powdered alcohol. We have plenty of alcohol as it is.” Continue reading

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Austin’s Drinking Problem and resulting DWI tragedies … from KVUE TV 2014 stories

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February 2015 — KVUE-TV —People in Austin drink more than other city in Texas, and not just by a little bit.  “People come here to drink, and there are a lot of places here to drink. We’re known for it,” … Continue reading

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Bill refiled in Legislature to force Texas bars with stout alcohol sales to carry liability insurance

Texas Representative Chris Turner refiles his “dram shop” liability bill aimed at Texas bars or restaurants that derive more than 50 percent of their revenue from liquor sales. If passed, the bill would require them to carry liability insurance. Continue reading

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