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Some Sobering Stats on Kids and Drinking

Alcohol poses a far greater threat to children than many parents care to admit, a new report warns. Many kids start drinking at a young age, and their size and inexperience with alcohol renders them more apt to be binge drinkers, said report author Dr. Lorena Siqueira, director of adolescent medicine at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami.

Such hard drinking can prove fatal. For example, one-third of all fatal auto crashes involving alcohol happen among 15- to 20-year-olds, the report found. “The top three causes of mortality in teenagers are motor vehicle accidents, homicides and suicides, and alcohol is strongly associated with each of these,” Siqueira said. Continue reading

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Austin police chief speak of record fatality crashes; encourages parents to warn children of drinking and driving

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After lastest DWI crash on local streets, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo is asking parents to talk with their children to not only discourage them from drinking and driving, but to also explain the dangers of getting in a car with a drunk driver. He encouraged people to call the police if they see bartenders over-serving customers and if they see drunk drivers on the road. Continue reading

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