The tragic story: College freshman, 18, found dead from alcohol poisoning in dorm room after a night of binge-drinking on Jan. 20

ERica Buschick

Buschick, 18

February 10, 2017 — — Erica Buschick relished being a student at Miami University in Ohio, so much so that in her final Facebook post in late November, the 18-year-old gushingly wrote: ‘I wanna go to college for the rest of my life.’  Two months to the day after posting the effusive status update, the young woman was discovered dead in her dormitory room at Morris Hall on campus after a night of what university police have described as ‘high-risk alcohol consumption’.

An incident report released last week by the Miami University Police Department detailed the chain of events leading up to Buschick’s death, revealing that the 18-year-old had consumed large quantities of champagne and vodka with friends, had taken multiple falls and had to be escorted back to her room because she was unsteady on her feet.

Erica Buschick was a freshman at Miami University in Ohio

Buschick was found lying unresponsive on a bean bag chair in her room at Morris Hall dormitory on campus in Oxford, Ohio, on the morning of January 20.  Buschick, a native of Gurnee, Illinois, had just returned to college on the evening of January 19 after spending her winter break at home.

By 10 pm that night, according to the incident report released to the college newspaper The Miami Student, the freshman and her roommate began drinking alcohol, polishing off two bottles of champagne between the two of them.

The 25-page report states that Buschick and the other student then filled an empty bottle of Dasani water about halfway with vodka and made their way to a house party at a friend’s apartment off campus.

Silent killer: According to a police report, Erica and her roommate had polished off two bottles of champagne between the two of them, followed by half a bottle of vodka and additional vodka shots at a house party.   By 10:45 pm, Buschick and her friend drank all of the vodka from the plastic bottle, and their friends then brought out another large bottle of vodka. After ‘pregaming’ with the vodka, the group headed to a local bar to continue partying. On the walk over, the report states that Buschick fell and was later deemed too drunk to enter the drinking establishment.

A friend then called the girl’s roommate, telling her that Buschick needed to be taken home.  Buschick and her roommate eventually got into a cab together and headed back to their dormitory, arriving there sometime after midnight.  The taxi driver who took the two apparently inebriated women to Morris Hall would later tell police that upon exiting the car, Buschick collapsed to the ground face first, leaving her with multiple scrapes.

The 18-year-old was unable to walk without assistance, so her roommate asked the taxi driver to help her to their second-floor room.  Concerned that Buschick might fall again and hit her head, the cabbie said he laid her down on a bean bag chair and told her roommate to look after her.   The roommate fell asleep at around 1am, but not before snapping a photo of Buschick on the bean bag chair, which she posted onto an Instagram account. Police would later delete the image.

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