You have double the risk of premature death if you drank alcohol as a teenager

June 13, 2017 — DID you consume alcohol in your teenage years? It might have been more fatal than you think.

When did you start to drink?  While the drinking age in the UK remains 18, many teenagers have their first foray into alcohol much before this. However, if you were getting drunk before you turned 15, this can almost double your risk of an early death, new research has revealed.  Teens drinking before their 15th year – binge drinking in particular – are 47% more likely to develop serious health implications later in life.
Researchers have said this is because drinking early can increase someone’s risk of developing a life-threatening alcohol abuse disorder as they get older.  Study author Dr Hui Hu from the University of Florida said: “Early onset of drinking and drunkenness are associated with alcohol use disorders and therefore may play a role in elevated alcohol use disorder-related mortality rates.”
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