GAUDPC Meeting Minutes

GAUDPC Logo SmallGreater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention Council  — October 28, 2011

In Attendance:   Will Harvey-APD;  Josh Metteauer- APD;   Chris Meyers- UTPD;   Jason Taylor- UTPD;   Mindy Carroll- TABC;    Doug Ballew-Austin/TC HHSD;   Bianca Bentzin-COA Prosecutors Office; Dennis Castillo- TC Park Ranger;   KP Prince-UT Heath;   Sarah Martinez-TCUDPP;   Grace Kelly-TIPS;   Duncan Montgomery-AwareAwakeAlive;   Edie Surtees-MADD    Executive Committee: Greg Lewis-TABC; Terry Wilt-TCSO

1. LifeLine Legislation Roundtable – Duncan Montgomary, Aware Awake Alive
2. City of Austin Prosecutor’s Office youth update – Bianca Bentzin
3. CPD Training – Greg
4. Website Content Discussion – Terry
5. Intern – Jill
6. Project Stats/ Upcoming events and Announcements


GAUDPC Logo SmallGreater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention Council
— August 26, 2011

In Attendance:   Bianca Bentzin-COA Prosecutors Office; Dennis Castillo- TC Park Ranger;   KP Prince-UT Heath;   Sarah Martinez-TCUDPP;   Grace Kelly-TIPS;   Duncan Montgomery-AwareAwakeAlive;   Edie Surtees-MADD    Executive Committee: Greg Lewis-TABC; Terry Wilt-TCSO; Jill Johnstone- MADD

TABC Restructure – Agent Lewis spoke to recent restructuring for TABC in the Austin area with agents now assigned to “service areas” through the Greater Austin area.  Law Enforcement Training and Classes for Seller/Server training will now be handled in each service area by the Agent assigned.

Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault Discussion
Often a hard legal case to prove, this is not the social drinker, but the predator looking for easy victims to manipulate, isolate and sexually assault.  Travis County Sheriff Office Deputy T. Wilt presented an overview of research, and facilitated a roundtable discussion of AFSA from information he had recently received from TMPA F.R.I.D.A.Y. training.

Website Content Discussion – Website is now active at:   — GAUDPC members are encouraged to review their content sections on the website and make recommendation for additional content. 

Project Stats — Stings, Controlled Party Dispersal project in late October in West Travis County is planned.  Upcoming events/projects and Announcements.


Greater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention CouncilGAUDPC Logo Small
Agenda — June 17, 2011

Welcome and Introductions
Controlled Party Dispersal Training

  • Recap
  • Another training?
  • Next steps
  • Social Host Laws

Project Stats

  • 6th Street Fake Out/Remarks/Stats
  • Minor Alcohol Stings/Remarks/Stats
  • Area law enforcement projects/stats
  • Recent Furnishing Alcohol Cases

 MADD Law Enforcement Banquet recap


Greater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention CouncilGAUDPC Logo Small
Meeting Minutes from April, 22, 2011

In Attendance: Kevin Prince – UT University Health;   Sharon Cannon-APD Office of Community Outreach;  Dennis Castillo-Travis County Park Ranger;   Dana Munguia-Travis Co. Underage Drinking Prevention Program;   Edie Surtees-MADD;   Blayne Williams – APD; Celeste Lunceford – Department of State Health Services;   Janie Daniel – Department of State Health Services; Executive Committee:  Jill Johnstone- MADD,  Terry Wilt- TCSO

Thanks to Grace Kelly with TIPS for coffee

  • Introductions
  • a.     Next Meeting is June 17th from 10:30-Noon at Café Express

 Controlled Party Dispersal – May 4, 2011

  • Offered as a 4 hour TABC training for TCLOSE credit
  • Wednesday, May 4th from 6-10 pm
  • Notice went out and RSVP’s go to Jill Johnstone
  • Open to non-law enforcement as well. Any non-peace officer must submit to a background check.

Social Host Ordinances

  • PACE – Public Assembly Code Enforcement
  • CLASP – Citizen Led Austin Safety Partnership
  • Have found news articles, but can’t find a working website

 Stat Update

  • Minor Stings
  • APD, TCSO & TABC collaborated earlier this spring
  • Old alcohol control team came back together for a project
  • North Campus area – 45 locations, 6 buys, 1 person to jail
  • TABC downtown sting – 3 buys
  • Downtown Austin Alliance and APD are forming a DTAG team to work on underage drinking downtown.
  • EUDLTravis County Sheriff’s Office numbers (getting some from APD):
  • Sales – 20
  • MIC – 8
  • MIP – 13
  • DUI Minor – 11
  • Furnishing – 9
  • Alcohol on campus – 4

    DSHS Classes

    1. Attendance is down by 25% statewide from last year
    2. Judges aren’t requiring it – allowing students to take online DADEC course instead. Online course not intended to change bad behavior, and just doesn’t work.

Website Update

  •  (not live yet)
  • Terry working on getting a template to update
  • NEED Information! We want list of participating agencies, as well as a calendar of all projects going on related to underage drinking prevention in the area.
  • In the meantime, GAUDPC has a facebook page! Simply search for “Greater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention Council” (it pops up after Greater Austin)


  • TIPS is hosting a “Train the Trainer” workshop at its Austin office on Wed. May 18th and Thursday May 19th for anyone who wishes to audit it and learn about their enhanced server/seller training!  Please call Grace Kelly at 410-9971 for details.
  • April 21st was MADD’s new initiative, PowerTalk 21. It’s a day to talk to your kids about alcohol.
  • APD is supporting/starting the Take 25 program
  • I Care Youth Summer Camp needs trainers and presenters – contact Sharon Cannon for details
  • April 30th at Dobie – African American Men, Women and Boys workshop
  • UT will start doing a social norms project based around social media. Found that students assume 98% of peers are drinking, while stats show it’s only 70%. See KP for more information
  • Also, all UT incoming freshman and transfer students at UT must now go through AlcoholEd
  • MADD is hosting a law enforcement recognition event on June 9th from 11:30-1:00 at the Radisson Downtown.  20 awards will be given, including the Mitchie Mitchell commitment to youth. Edie has more information if you’re interested in attending.


Greater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention CouncilGAUDPC Logo Small
Meeting Agenda –  Friday, February 25th, 2011 10:30 am- 12:00 pm

I. Welcome and Introductions
II. Controlled Party Dispersal Spring/Summer Action Projects

  • a. CPD Training April 27th from 6-10 pm; Location TBA
  • b. Implementation: CPD Weekends – Logistics Discussion

III. Website update
IV. GAUDPC Current Projects update

  • a. Shoulder Taps/Minor Stings – TCSO
  • b. Youth in Action Sticker Shocks in Wilco – Jill Johnstone, MADD
  • c. Operation Fake-Out – Greg Lewis, TABC
  • d. Others?

V. Member Information/Needs


Greater Austin Underage Drinking Prevention CouncilGAUDPC Logo Small
Meeting Minutes —  December 2010

In Attendance: Sharon Bauer-Austin Police Department, Terry Wilt-Executive Committee Member/ TCSO, Myra Constable-Executive Committee Member / MADD,  Edie Surtees-MADD,  Jill Johnstone, Executive Committee Member/ MADD, Chris Coleman – YellowCab Austin, Marie Heath – LifeWorks, Christine Pribyl – concerned parent

Introductions– All attendees introduced themselves and made announcements.

  • New Name New Focus–   Executive Committee Member Jill Johnstone reviewed the new   focus for the coalition:

Last spring, TST lost funding to continue to manage the coalition. Key members got together for a sustainability training to determine what projects it is feasible for the coalition to continue doing with the resources available.  Since many other groups are doing education, the continuing members decided to focus on areas that aren’t being addressed by other organizations or coalitions. Because of that, and the resources available, the coalition will focus on law enforcement, access and sharing information. In order to be effective, agencies need to collaborate and share information.

Our key strategies to reduce access of alcohol to minors include:

  • Networking and information sharing among Council partner.
  • Retailer compliance checks and retailer education.
  • Controlled Party Dispersal training and implementation
  • Work Groups– In order to successfully make a difference, the executive committee has decided to create workgroups to focus on key areas that we need.  The main focus of these is to share information and try to get different people and agencies working together.
    • Law Enforcement – law enforcement officers or agency reps share information, trends, and help plan projects.
    • Community Involvement– Recruit non-law enforcement involvement to help with projects, information sharing, and spread info on trends.
    • Information – collect data from others, compile and report at meetings and via website.
    • Judicial – track outcomes of MIP and MIC cases in court systems, work with judges and prosecutors to ensure penalties are being met.

Please let Jill Johnstone ( know on which committee you’re interested in working.

New Website – Executive committee member Terry Wilt spoke of plans for new GAUDPC website:

  • Is still in rough draft form, but will have information on what’s going on around town, what trends we see, an event calendar for upcoming projects that relate to underage drinking prevention, opportunities for involvement, and FAQ’s.