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LifeWorks is Austin’s only non-profit organization to provide a continuum of services to youth and families, addressing critical needs to achieve lasting, positive change. LifeWorks offers a safety net of support to more than 10,000 Austinites each year.  It is the largest local provider of free and affordable Counseling services to youth and families; their Education division provides enrichment activities, life skills, job training, GED and literacy courses; and LifeWorks provides Housing & Homeless services for youth providing a pathway from street life to self sufficiency.  More information below:

Housing  —  Counseling  —  Education

  • LifeWorks provides children and youth in at-risk situations with the support, knowledge and skills necessary to reduce the occurrence of behaviors that negatively impact opportunities for life success; and,
  • Strengthen families dealing with crisis, emotional distress and violence by helping them build on inherent strengths, utilize existing resources, develop emotional competencies, employ family roles effectively, and improve communication and advocacy skills.

LifeWorks transitions youth and families from crisis to safety and success.

  • We offer a full continuum of support to homeless and runaway youth, including Austin’s only walk-in emergency shelter.
  • We provide counseling, including crisis intervention, to youth and families.
  • We offer parenting and educational support for teenage mothers and fathers.
  • We provide GED and life skills training.
  • We teach youth and families alternatives to violence.
  • We teach teens the life skills they need to make good, healthy choices.
  • And we are the only organization that does it all, specifically for youth and their families.

Social and counseling services are provided through strategically located community-based centers that offer a continuum of services for the client and his or her family. LifeWorks is accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Services to Children and Families.


If you are a youth or family in crisis, please call:
(512) 735.2400

If you are an ADULT in crisis, please call:
The Texas Department of Mental Health 24-hour Crisis Hotline
(512) 472.HELP (4357) or TTY: (512) 703-1395

If you have general questions about LifeWorks programs and services, please call:
LifeWorks Main Information Line
(512) 735.2400

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