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(07/02/14 – 4:25 am) Public Intoxication:  Perry-Castañeda Library – A perspective student, who was staying in Jester Dormitory during new student orientation, was found supine on a retaining wall located on the southeast side of the library.  Upon closer inspection, it was discovered the perspective student was covered in his own evidence of an involuntary physical reaction to the over-consumption of an alcoholic beverage.  Once awakened, the perspective student admitted to having consumed 20 –yes 20, shots of vodka at a near-by private student house.  The perspective student was not sure of his location or the time, but he did have a handle on the shrinking value of a dollar as he believed a dollar was worth two dimes.  The perspective student was found to be under the influence of an alcoholic beverage to the point he was a danger to himself and apparently our economy.

(07/01/14) Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor / Possession of a Fictitious Driver’s License:  JESTER EAST,UT Police Officers were summoned to the 9th floor of the dormitory to address a report of a perspective student who may have been intoxicated but was most definitely described as “obnoxious.”  The responding officers quickly determined who the perspective student was and found he had consumed alcoholic beverages at a near-by private student house.  It was determined the perspective student was not intoxicated to the point he was a danger to himself or others.  The under-aged perspective student was found to be in possession of a fictitious Colorado Driver’s License which purported him to be older than 21.

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