MADD’s Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Program is a nationally and internationally recognized family skills training program found to significantly reduce problem behaviors, delinquency, and alcohol and drug abuse in children and to improve social competencies and school performance. The program,  developed by Dr. Karol Kumpfer, professor at the University of Utah,  has been proven effective in 50 states and 17 foreign countries. The Strengthening Families Program Home Use DVD contains the same research-proven skills.

The DVD includes ten 30-minute lessons for parents and kids to watch together at home with a 16 page guidebook and downloadable handouts (from this website or printed off the DVD disk in a computer.) This allows parents easy access to an internationally acclaimed family skills program that has been proven to work. Reaching parents and kids together results in a huge increase in family bonding and a dramatic decrease in alcohol and drug use.


Highlights of MADD’s Strengthening Families Program:

  • Research-proven skills to build family relationship and prevent kids alcohol and drug use
  • 100+ downloadable handouts and tracking sheets
  • Relatable  adult & youth hosts
  • Engaging real family therapists
  • Deals with real-life problems & solutions

In this ten-part series, parents and youth will have entertaining and instantly available tools to improve family communication, problem solving, positive discipline—all helping kids make healthy choices to stay alcohol and drug free.

Lessons cover the following topics:

Intro Lesson: The Happy Family-Healthy Brain Connection.

  1. Notice & Compliment the Good
  2. Communication Skills & Family Meetings
  3. The 5 R’s for Successful Families
  4. Limits, Consequences, Encourage Good Behavior
  5. Problem Solving & Negotiation
  6. Stress & Anger Management
  7. Using Goals & Contracts
  8. How Alcohol & Other Drugs Hijack the Brain
  9. Choosing Friends & Monitoring Kids’ Activities
  10. Share Values & Be an Agent for Change