MADD’s – Power of Parents Program

Did you know that 74 percent of kids turn to their parents for guidance on drinking? That’s why Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) created this website. It’s packed with tips and expert resources so parents can talk effectively about alcohol with teens and support safer communities.

Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence®
The Power of Parents program is comprised of:

  1. Community-Based Program (Parent Handbook):  Dr. Robert Turrisi from Pennsylvania State University developed and evaluated a handbook for parents of college students that successfully reduced underage drinking and the behaviors associated with it among participating college freshman. MADD has partnered with Dr. Turrisi and adapted his handbook model to reach parents of high school students.
  2. An Interactive Parent Website (  The site contains information on underage drinking prevention that is based on peer-reviewed research. Parents can find tips to help keep their teens and community safe and can submit questions to research experts in the alcohol prevention field.
  3. MADD’s Strengthening Families Home-Use DVD:  Adapted from Dr. Karol Kumpfer’s internationally acclaimed family skills training program, the home-use DVD is a ten-lesson video and handout series designed for the busy family to use together at their own pace in order to strengthen family bonds and develop better relationships. Visit to purchase in bulk or individually.

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