Tips for Parents Planning a Party

Tips for Parents Planning an alcohol-free Party

Discuss the guest list and any concerns your child may have.

Establish firm ground rules and expectations before the party and ask your
child to communicate them with his/her guests before the event.

Limit the number of invitees (by invitation only) and the number who actually
attend. Do not allow uninvited guests to attend.

Know the ages of partygoers and how they know your child.

Make it clear to guests that alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs are not allowed
and be sure to provide plenty of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Have sufficient chaperones to monitor the area and partygoers.

Define an area for the party; do not allow partygoers in other areas (e.g., bedrooms, garage).

Monitor the party area frequently, as well as areas that are off-limits to guests.

Restrict entry and exit areas to deter guests from bringing in contraband.  When a guest leaves, do not allow him or her to return. This will discourage guests from leaving to drink or take other drugs and later return under the influence.

Establish a signal that your child may use if he or she needs help.

Set a beginning and ending time for the party.

Determine whether the guests will include both underage people and adults.  If both adults and underage youth will be present, decide whether the party areas should be separate.

Place valuables such as weapons, alcohol, and breakable objects in a locked secure area.

Establish an area for coats and bags that can be closely monitored.

Be prepared to call a guest’s parents if the child appears to be under the influence or brings alcohol or other drugs to the party.