• Listen to ‘Understanding Teen Drinking Cultures in America’
    ( Listen to Audio Radio program by clicking here
    Dr. Hugh Gusterson, of George Mason University  co-principal of the Understanding Teen Drinking Cultures in America project joins panelists for a discussion on young adults and alcohol.
  • “Everybody Hurts” A 5 min retrospective of the road safety campaigns produced by the Australian TAC with a montage features scenes and images from commercials edited to the moving song by REM
  • “CNN Hero” A 2 min CNN Hero video.  after losing daughter to underage drunk driver, dad vowed to change culture...
  • “Bulletin Board” is a 1 minute video that is part of the Party Dispersal Training for Law Enforcement.

  • “Alcohol by Volume” is a 2:40 minute video that targets parents and community members and explains “Alcohol by Volume”

  • “Hey Becky” is a 30 second video that walks you through an underage drinking party.
  • “Happy Hour Fail”the cost of drinking and driving …

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