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It’s not the teens and college kids dying from binge drinking – it’s white, middle-class males – 6 die daily on average, CDC report says

Interesting that teens and college students are NOT where most death occur – instead it’s middle-aged, white men. With 2,200 deaths annually, “… this study reveals that alcohol poisoning deaths are a bigger problem than previously thought,” a new CDC … Continue reading

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Heavy alcohol consumption in adolescence can impair brain durability, animal study suggests

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Heavy drinking during adolescence may lead to structural damages in the brain and memory deficits persist in adulthood, according to the disturbing results of a study done on animals. The study found that even as adults, rats that had daily access … Continue reading

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Binge Drinking Teens: What and Where They Drink — John Hopkin’s study reports

Adults drink alcoholic beverages more frequently than young people, but when kids do drink they tend to drink a lot. Binge drinking in teens is becoming epidemic, as more young people use alcohol than illegal drugs or tobacco. Teens most frequently drink at the home of a friend, and average 4 to 4.9 drinks on that occasion. Continue reading

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