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Coffee is delicious, but your body *really* hates too much caffeine & mixing caffeine with alcohol is dangerous

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“Excessive caffeine intake can result in palpitations, dizziness, elevated blood pressure and make you feel nervous or anxious. Some people also may develop diarrhea and feel like their stomach is upset as their caffeine intake increases.” PLUS … “Mixing caffeine with alcohol is a dangerous practice because it may lead to higher levels of alcohol consumption as the person often believes and feels they are more alert. The risk of alcohol poisoning increases as people consume more alcohol because they feel the caffeine will keep them awake and alert.” Continue reading

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Trends and fads of alcohol packaging may make it easier for teens to acquire alcoholic beverages says consultant

“Is it alcohol or not?”  Prevention Consultant with Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services wants community members to be aware of new trends and fads regarding underage drinking. Are they making it easier for the underage to get … Continue reading

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